SEVEN REASONS SMART LEADERS GET DUMB #Leadership #PersonalEffectiveness

By Matt Collins – 3rd April 2014 

There are at least seven dumbing effects of power.


* Reduces the complexity of your thinking. You over-simplify.
* Limits your ability to consider alternatives. You decide quickly and validate your decisions.
* Permits you to treat people like objects who get things done rather than human beings.
* Closes your ears. Powerful people minimize what others know.
* Decreases your interest in others. You matter more.
* Inspires preoccupation with self. The world revolves around you.
* Struggles to understand the perspective of others.
The most dangerous danger of dumb leadership:

Dumb leaders create dumb organizations.

Powerful leaders wrongly believe they have the answers. In reality, “80% of of an organization’s potential for improvement lies in front-line ideas.” (The Idea-Driven Organization)

Getting smart requires humility.

Humble leaders are smarter than arrogant.

Identify, promote, and hire humble people.

8 ways to spot humility:

* How do you talk about co-workers?
* How do co-workers talk about you?
* How do you support others?
* How do you celebrate the accomplishments of others?
* How much attention do you require?
* How much time do you spend talking about yourself?
* How much time do you spend calmly listening?
* How well do you tolerate working behind the scenes?

7 ways to develop humble organizations:



* Remove physical barriers that create inaccessibility.
* Limit bureaucracy and sign-offs.
* Locate managers and leaders closer to the front line.
* Develop transparency. Everyone knows how everyone is doing. Secrets protect inequity.
* Expect more execution and less talk. Talking without execution encourages arrogance.
* Look to the front-line for answers first.


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