5 Personal Effectiveness Tips

By Matt Collins – 16 / 01 /14

5 Personal Effectiveness Tips to get more done in less time, with energy left to enjoy a fulfilled life.


Use the following powerful techniques to make a well-placed request instead of being demanding, whining or complaining:

  • Requests are distinct from Demands! Eliminate the word “Demand” from your vocabulary.
  • Requests are made courteously and politely.  You are seeking agreement and cooperation.
  • Requests are reasonable, something that someone could do with minimal effort or time commitment.
  • Requests are optional, you could be turned down. Accept that possibility. If so, find out the reason and make a different request.
  • Requests, while not demands, are made expectantly. Give the clear impression that you believe your request is reasonable, logical and just.

These work best if you no longer consider yourself assistant manager of the universe or have given up the need to be an autocratic boss.

Now, decide how you will apply them the next time you are irritated by someone who is unconscious of the disturbing affect they are having on you.


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