Are You the Best? #PersonalEffectiveness #Leadership

Posted on December 3, 2013 by Matt Collins

 Successful Salesperson

Are you and your staff under pressure to perform? Are you assigned loftier goals to achieve in shorter periods of time? Has the pace of activity increased? If you don’t immediately act on opportunities, do they pass you by?  

Welcome to the twenty-first century sales arena.  

Demands on salespeople are great. Gone are the days when a good “pitchman” could excel. Today, to be a peak performer, you must possess a wide range of skills…and you must continually work to refine those skills.  

  • Peak performers have a systematic process for developing sales opportunities.  
  • Peak performers manage their time and activities effectively.
  • Peak performers are well informed not only about their product or service, but also about their industry and competitors
  • Peak performers are good communicators.

To become a peak performer (or maintain your peak performer status), continually review your selling strategy for effectiveness and efficiency. Improve your selling skills. Make sure you are gathering the correct information, at the appropriate time, from the appropriate people. Be well informed about what’s going on in your industry. And, because it’s often what happens in the first five minutes of a sales call that sets the tone for the balance of the interaction, continually refine your communication skills-written and verbal


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