Leaders: Backbone of an organisation #Leadership #Management

Posted on 15th November, 2013. By Matt Collins

Leadership and management skills are paramount throughout our entire working life to make a mark in front of the top notch employees of the company.  Leadership is an essential ingredient for the recipe of success. There are impeccable examples of leaders in sports, commerce and even social settings.

Their goal is the same – leading a group of individuals towards the achievements of a common goal. The desired leadership skills can be attained by attending training courses, reading textbook material, but the most excellent leadership skills can only be achieved through rigorous on the job experience.

One can only understand the exciting part of leading a group as well as its difficulty and complexity through learning leadership development in a particular field. People who follow the leader will have different personality, mannerism, a distinguished set of skills and shortcomings. Improving and honing their skills is a tricky part that should be mastered fully. Every individual is different from the other, understanding their needs and goals is one of the prime tasks of a leader. An efficient leader possesses the essential qualities of putting a group together in whatever setting, sports, school, the workplace, or even socially.


Organisations are always on a lookout for leaders to ensure the smooth functioning of the company. That is why almost all companies take special interest in sending their staff to leadership and management training programs to improvise on their leadership skills. Even the managers on top position can benefit from these conferences as they cover most important highlights of a manager’s career. Such courses help a great deal in channelling the energy and positivity of the managers in helping the people around them.

Leadership can also be defined as an art of influencing people to achieve a goal and realize the potential in them. Simply put, leadership is using skills and qualities as a leader to guide people to achieve something extraordinary. The importance of leadership in an organisation is indispensable and much in demand. In an organisation, a leader who has it in him to guide an organisation, so that it becomes more functional and profitable is highly demanded and much appraised.

It is a well-known fact that leadership is a natural quality, and comes from within, but it can also not be refuted that leaders are “made” rather “born”. Any individual who possesses some basic leadership traits can develop it more through training courses, teaching and attending seminars.


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