Attitude In The Workplace: How Your Work Attitude Can Define You #Attitude #PersonalEffectiveness #Mindset

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Your attitude in the workplace can be one of the most – if not the most – telling aspect of how others in the company look at you and feel about you as a coworker. A first impression can be a hard thing to shake especially if it’s a bad one. In other words, once you have gotten a workplace reputation as being lazy, a slacker, a whiner or other negative tag, it can be hard to get rid of. Think of someone you’ve worked with who perhaps didn’t work as hard as you expected them to and then think about how you felt about every time you had to work with them.

Perception is often reality and once people get an idea in their head about someone or something, it can be difficult to get them to think differently. In my experience, your attitude in the workplace can sometimes define you more than the work you actually produce if your coworkers come to see you as someone who is reliable, competent, intelligent and someone that they can rely on.

One of the worst feelings can be to work with people who don’t seem to care and don’t appear to pull their own weight. When I think about people I’ve worked with who I’ve seen in a positive light, they tend to be people who outwardly display a positive attitude in the workplace. They tend to take the initiative and are reliable. They are someone that you look forward to working with. They don’t complain or bad mouth their company or coworkers and basically get on with the job at hand. They don’t wander around bothering other people because they aren’t doing their own job. Basically, they are people who would be missed if they left the company. Having formerly worked for a company that regularly laid off staff, I can tell you that the people who were let go first were often those who were generally regarded as being staff who didn’t display these positive traits and therefore weren’t seen as being employees who needed to remain employed.


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