4 Places Available For Our Personal Effectiveness Workshop- Wed 13th Nov at The Vale Resort, South Wales #leadership #training

Personal Effectiveness Workshops Held At The Vale Resort, South Wales
Future Dates For Our Personal Effectiveness Workshops Are:

Wed November 13th 2013
Wed December 4th 2013
To book your seat go to: http://personaleffectivenessworkshop.eventbrite.co.uk/ or call 0845 459 4541



This unique one-day Personal Effectiveness Workshop focuses the importance of your personal impact, in relation to the results you achieve. To make a positive impact, you need to understand and manage yourself to consistently be the best you can possibly be (This is what Emotional Intelligence is all about).

What will I Learn?

We use our tried and tested “Circle of Impact” process that will teach you how to:

*Manage your Mindset
*Choose your Attitude
*Utilise our Impact Strategies as Coping Mechanisms
*Demonstrate the 8 Impact Behaviours
Who should attend?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to improve their overall effectiveness at work. The workshop will be particularly helpful to those taking on new roles and responsibilities; anyone from CEO to young rising star, who has the desire to be the best they can possibly be.

How will I benefit?

Not only will you learn how to consistently make the right impact to achieve success for yourself and your company, you will also design and commit to your own personalised Impact Commitment Plan, which will lay out precisely what you are planning to do and who you need to be in order to have your best year ever!

Workshop Facilitator:

Jeff Collins, the founder of IPC, delivers the workshops personally. He uses his knowledge and insight gained from over 30 years of study and personal experience to present a unique and engaging workshop. Prior to setting up IPC in 2001, Jeff was a board director for 3 major global companies, Fisher-Price, Mattel and Hallmark Cards. For the last 12 years he has worked as a Personal Effectiveness Coach to thousands of people at all levels, from CEO to young rising stars in major corporations such as Lloyds Banking Group, Universal Pictures, Sky News, Hasbro, Weight-Watchers and Disney, to name but a few.

To date, these workshops have only been available to the likes of the above corporations, on an exclusive and contracted basis. However, now you and your people can benefit by attending this highly successful workshop and reap the rewards that it will bring to your company.

Workshops will be run monthly and strictly limited to maximum of 16 candidates.


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